It’s Popcorn Time!!!

Popcorn sales is the Pack’s only fundraiser, but it does more than just help fund camping trips, pay for pizza at the Pinewood Derby, or help defringe the costs of so many other activities.

The Pack offers the top seller an amazing prize, and all kids who sell popcorn can earn prizes through Trail’s End based on the amount they sell. Scouts who sell $500.00 or more can earn a trip to Magness paid for by the Pack, and those that sell over $1,000 can get their parents way paid as well. For Webelos 2, the Pack will pay for their Boy Scout membership fee.

For more information, contact our Popcorn Kernel, Jeff Bandy, Order forms and money are due at the October Pack meeting on 10/18/2018. Popcorn can be picked up for delivery the first weekend of November.

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